Thursday, 12 February 2015

REVIEW - Olives from OLOVES



Olives, you either love them or hate them, but for me they are one of my favorites! One of those things you look forward to visiting an Italian for! 
So when I was sent these I couldn't wait to crack them open, but 8am didn't really seem an appropriate time! 

So brunch time arrived and where as I would normally reach for the junk food cupboard I opened a pack of lemon and rosemary olives . Each pack is individually sealed and contain around 10 olives, these were gone within minutes! They tasted amazing, can never say I've tried this flavor before but they were tasty!

Next I popped open the chili and oregano packet, again tasty but a little bit too much chili for me, I am not a lover of tangy things but I did still manage to eat the whole pack!

There are also 2 other flavours to try, basil and garlic and chili and garlic!

These little pouches are great for on the go, and at only 50 calories a pack they are a great healthy snack! They are also pitted for you, so no messing around removing the stones from the middle!

They are also gluten free, low in fat and suitable for vegans! So everyone will be able to enjoy them!

Why not visit their website for more information and to find stockists or catch them on twitter @OLOVES_

Have you tried these? Have any questions?

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