Tuesday, 10 February 2015

REVIEW - Lizis Granola

Lizis Granola

This is my first proper review for my blog and this was a perfect one! I am a busy mummy of two young children, and breakfast is always the last thing on my mind. By the time my little boy has his breakfast and I have fed my 3 month old I never get around to having breakfast!

So when I was sent these, I have never thought about having 'on the go' cereals. No Bowl, No Box and you dont even need a spoon. (who doesnt mind less washing up!)

I was given 3 flavours to try. Belgian chocolate, treacle and pecan, and original.

And I bet you cant guess which one I went for first....thats right the Belgian chocolate

The granola comes in foil pouches, which i guess keeps them fresher for longer, and the plastic fold up spoon is stuck on the bottom. The pouch is very easy to open, no scissors needed and you dont even need to pour it into a bowl.

The instructions said to add 3 teaspoons of water to the granola, but I didnt find this enough so i added another couple and gave it a mix. This then mixes with the lactose free milk powder and you have instant milk!! How great is that!

After a quick mix you are left with a gorgeous crunchy, tasty breakfast. Which I stood up eating in the kitchen while my little boy was eating his breakfast! There is only 30g in one pouch, which I know health experts say is the average breakfast serving but I didnt find that to be enough. I could have quite easily eaten another packet (or two!!)

But the easiest bit is then just throwing the packet and spoon into the bin and then carrying on your day! Lazy I know, but I can imagine if you were on the way to work, say on a train or sat at a desk these would be great!

So overall I was very impressed with the granolas, and cant wait to try the other flavours. 

You can buy Lizis Granolas directly from the website http://www.lizis.co.uk/
or check out their twitter @lizisgranola 

Let me Know what you think, do you have any questions? Please leave a comment at the bottom of my page!


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