Thursday, 26 February 2015

ChilliPeeps 3 in 1 teats and spouts

The Weekend just gone me and my partner went to The Baby Show, Excel, London. This was the second time we have been and we loved it!

We are always on the look out for new and exciting things to try for Charlie and Ella.

Walking around the show we came across, a small stand, with only two ladies and a small display of products call ChilliPeeps. A few people were gathered around and we popped over for a nose!

After a few minutes one of the ladies asked us if we would like a demonstration, and out came a small gadget to make feeding out and about a lot easier.
The gadget has a teat (or spout depending one age) on one end and then different attachments which unscrew on the other.

The attachments on the end can then be added to ready made formula cartons/bottles or bottles of water.

Now I have always been told that babies cannot drink water which has not been pre boiled, but I have since learnt that the 3 main bottle water suppliers - Volvic, highland spring and Evian are perfectly safe. Which is great to know.

Normally when out and about I would buy a formula carton and pour it into a sterile bottle, which is a lot of fussing and a right nuisance if you have run out of bottles, but with ChilliPeeps I can just let Ella drink straight out the bottle or carton. How easy is that!

We purchased these at a special offer of 2 for £10 at the show and bought one spout and one teat for Ella when she is older. But retail at £6.50 on the website which is still a bargain!!

Check out the ChilliPeeps website here

I have yet to try the product out but when I do I will let you know how we got on! I cant believe how much easier this is going to make our time when we are out and about for the whole day!


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