Wednesday, 18 February 2015

REVIEW - Miraclesuit Swimsuit

Ok, so most of us hate stripping down to underwear, let lone put a swimsuit on and go swimming in front of plenty to see. I have always had a great bikini body in my early 20's but since having 2 children, the weight has piled on, and i would describe myself as 'flabby'

I knew the time was eventually going to come that i was going to have to take my little girl swimming as she hasnt been, but that fear comes through your head, ahhh swimsuit!!!

But after hearing about the miraclesuit swimsuit i couldnt wait to try it on.

Miraclesuit shapewear is a leader in the swimming and shaping garments and they carry the tagline 'Look 10lbs lighter in 10 seconds' and so they are guaranteed to flatter, shape and streamline your silhouette.

The technology behind the miraclesuit swimsuit is cleverly designed to deliver maximum control and comfort ensuring the wearer can look and feel her very best.

I was sent a aqua animal print swimsuit to try which is a gorgeous aqua colour, normally i would go for plain, black colours but this is bold!

I am normally a size 12 in clothes, and this was a size 12 swimsuit and when i held it up to myself it looked much smaller! I never thought i would get it on. And yes i would say it was quite tight to put on and pull up but once on it held everything in place like it should do.

The swimsuit has a nice soft full cup coverage, this is great if you are worried about it being revealing while swimming, or in my case my little one pulling the top down, and the tummy area has ruched fabric and a tummy panel which holds your tummy in.

Well it did exactly what it should do, I put on the swimming costume and automatically felt thinner. Every thing felt tucked in and secure. And i actually felt confident in a swimming costume. Stood looking from the side my tummy had disappeared....perfect!

Its not normally a style i would go for, but i think the comfort is more important than the look! especially now i am a mummy!

The swimsuit retails at £139 which does sound expensive but you are paying for the quality. And i can imagine it will wear well even after being exposed to chlorine and the sun!

There are many designs and colours to choose from at why not have a look and let me know which one is your favorite!

And as you are here have you entered the competition to win your very own miracleswimsuit worth £139 ends 1st March 2015

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