Thursday, 19 February 2015

REVIEW - Kiddylicious Snacks

My little boy is constantly snacking, and in our household we try to limit the amount of biscuits and crisps we keep in. Hes always loved his fruit, but sometimes there is only a certain amount of fruit you can give him.

So i am always on the look out for new and exiting things he can try, hes not really a fussy eater and will eat everything and anything.

Kiddylicious is a brand ive seen around alot but we have never tried them.

As soon as my little boy saw me open the big box kiddylicious sent us to try he couldnt get his hands in fast enough! He automatically presumed they were sweets, which is great! he feels like hes having sweets, but mummy knows hes having a healthy alternative. We were given a variety of the 12 months plus snacks as he is 3.

The strawberry fruit wriggles were his favorite, a little bit like strawberry laces, but one of his 5 a day!! they unbelievably contain 91% apple juice and 6% strawberry puree. They didnt last long and we re gone within minutes. The wriggles also come in tropical and apple flavour. yum!

 The handy little snack size packs are great to take out and about, we took a packet to soft play as a sweet treat.

We then tried a pack from the smoothie melt range - these were strawberry and banana, now these are different, they literally melt in your mouth in seconds. I liked them, but Charlie didnt like how they went so soft and quickly got rid of it in my hand! Its a shame he wasnt keen as they are 100% fruit. 85% banana and 15% strawberry.
But hey, I ate the whole packet and a pretty healthy 
snack for me as well

These also come in blackcurrant and apple. and banana, mango and passion fruit.

The raspberry crispie tiddlers were fun, little fish shaped snacks which Charlie loved. They also include small amounts of puffed rice which made them a little bit crunchy. They were really fruity and really tasty!

Kiddylicious have also created jelly and fruit pots, fruity puffs, raisins, wafers and crisps. Everything you need to give your toddler a healthy snack. At least with these you know exactly whats in them, they contain no added sugar and salt, no preservatives, no milk or lactose (so great with those with dairy intolerance) no nuts, seeds, wheat or gluten.

I will be stocking up with these for snacks and especially great for picnics!

To check out where to find delicious kiddylicious snacks please check out

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