A few months ago, i was very lucky to review a brand new american fridge freezer.
i had to upload a video to AO.com facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AOLetsGo reviewing an item already in my home, i reviewed my tiny fridge freezer which we struggled to live with and i was selected!!!
And by the weekend, i had a gorgeous haier american fridge freezer delievered worth over £1000
never in a million years could i afford one of these, we had only just moved into our brand new home and we had a perfect place for it!
after turning it on and using it for a few days, i filmed my review and wrote a review on their website,
Here is my review.  
“i received the fridge on saturday and i can say i absolutely love it!
i wouldnt normally choose a coloured fridge but the colour red on this fridge is very eye catching and i love the metallic colour.
the doors are very sturdy and well made, but the handles took a very long time to attach after delivery
the fridge – the top shelf is taken up by the big light, but the rest of the shelves are spacious and sturdy. the shelves in the door are great, can easily store 4 pints of milk with cartons, and other things! the salad drawers in the bottom are nice and deep but was a little disappointed that the bottom one was only half a drawer.
the freezer – slightly smaller than the fridge, the top shelf is taken up with ice maker, but plenty of room on the other shelves. the door shelves are great as you can store boxes of food and love that they tilt, as you don’t have to struggle to get things in and out.
the front – the water and ice dispenser is brilliant, i love having cold water on tap, and the ice is an excellent function. easy to use, and you can choose between ice cubes or crushed ice.
when the fridge makes the ice cubes it can be quite noisy, but we soon got used to this, you just hear the freezer power up to produce the ice a few times a day
the control panel on the front is very simple, the temperature can be adjusted easily, and can be locked, great if you have small toddler hands in the house!
overall the fridge freezer is a very trendy, spacious family fridge with the extra benefit of water and ice on tap (but be warned does need plumbing in, so will need to be near a pipe) i wouldnt have gone for the ‘haier’ brand but i have been very impressed with the build quality.”