Wednesday, 15 July 2015

July 2015 - lots of tummy time

Well here we are 3 months down the line and about time I get back to blogging. I stopped as busy wedding planning and with 2 young children life does get manic.

Ella is now 9 months, sitting up completely unaided and rolling front to back. Until a few weeks ago she refused any tummy time. I was getting frustrated that babies around her age were starting to show signs of crawling but she was unhappy that she could only sit.  So after reading up online on how to encourage crawling, I read the best way was to try and preserve with her on her tummy even if she cried a little bit. Charlie was exactly the same at this age and never did crawl, he always seem to sit crying with frustration as couldn't get around to get toys and explore.

So that made me determined with Ella to help her out and make her stronger. So the first week every now and again I would put her on her tummy. She would last a few mins and would kick and struggle and I would flip her back over. She did this for about a week. The second week I put her on her front and she would lift her head to look around and go to grab toys, which was brilliant, she was no longer finding it hard. Then finally by the end of the week she learnt to flip over!!!

This was great, means I can put her on her tummy and walk away and leave her, she doesn't  moan or cry as she can get back onto her back. (but now she thinks its a game, that as soon as mummy does tummy time, she can back flip over as quick as she can!)

Today I could place her on her tummy and she could support herself with her arms, so very nearly in the crawling position. So I feel like we are getting somewhere an building her strength up. I really do wish I did more tummy time as a younger baby and maybe she would already be crawling like her little friends.

But we will get there! I am pretty lucky that she is still a happy baby, loves growing through her basket of toys and loves her brother to bits.

Do you have any tips or tricks for helping babies to crawl? Would love to hear from you!


Sitting up nice and strong - my little baby is growing up

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