Thursday, 9 April 2015

Ellas Kitchen

Ellas kitchen are a well known household name producing baby and toddler food.  All products are natural, 100% organic and are suitable from 4 months till over a year old! Ranges include first tastes, baby rice, baby porridge, finger food and toddler snacks and meals.

When I weaned Charlie, being my first I wanted to make sure I was doing everything correct and by the book, I made sure I spent hours preparing, boiling, steaming and then blending food, putting it into little pots in the freezer with little hand made labels! Took me most of nap times but I knew exactly what was in the food.

A few months after the novelty wore off and I discovered Ellas kitchen. And after discovering the full range I was amazed by the ingredient list. Every ingredient is organic and exactly how you would cook it at home, but without the fuss and hassle and all in a pouch ready to use. With Charlie we went straight to the 7 month plus range which includes meals such as big smiles cheesy pie, fish pie, lamb roast dinner and our favorite lip smacking spag bol. Every single one of these I tried myself as I always do before giving it to my little ones and they really are yummy!

So this time with Ella I dont have time for the cut, boil and blend method and decided to go straight for pouches. I prefer the pouches over jars, as you can feed straight from the pouch without re dipping the spoon into a jar or bowl. You can also stand them in a bowl of hot water to heat through. Great when you are out and about!

Ellas kitchen kindly sent me two new flavors to try from the first taste range, both suitable from 4 months

- Peas Peas Peas


- The Orange One

The first one we cracked open was 'The Orange One' now this smelt just like a smoothie. A very runny consistency, so brilliant for first tastes and get little ones used to different textures. Ella wasn't very keen, think it was a little bit too sweet for her, especially as she has only had baby rice and porridge.

So next we tried Peas, Peas, Peas and you guessed it, its just peas!! Amazing. I heated this one through a little bit by putting some in a bowl in the microwave for a second or two. This was a little bit thicker than the orange and tasted just like mussy peas. And Ella loved it!!!!! And this made me realised maybe she has more of a savory tooth than a sweet one.

So we are now about 3 weeks into weaning and she is doing really well, I panicked a bit weeks one or two as she wasnt a bit interested but after finding she prefers savory tastes, its been going down well.

I cant wait till she can have the proper 7 months plus meals and I know how yummy they are and they are like eating home cooked meals.

Ellas kitchen products are available to order direct from their website here or available from most supermarkets.

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