Thursday, 12 March 2015

Moby Wrap

Baby Wearing, is a term frequently used and is now a popular trend when it comes to carrying a newborn or young baby.

There are plenty of benefits which include reduces crying, increased learning and promotes a strong attachment.

With my first I was hardly confident carrying my little boy in my arms let lone tie him to my front and just let him sleep. He was never a contented baby and ended up sitting with him for hours trying to soothe him.

Ella on the other hand is much easier, she can be put down, she plays a bit, smiles and gurgles away until she falls asleep again. Easy I thought! Well until 2 weeks ago and my poor little girly had her 3rd lot of injections.

She has since required me to carry her around 24/7. Shes very unsettled and wont sleep anywhere.

Charlie my 3 year old has been getting frustrated as I cant spend quality time with him playing let lone clean the house!

So after speaking to a few friends they suggested I try a sling, and a lovely friend let me borrow her Moby wrap to try.

The Moby wrap is a very large piece of material, which takes a few attempts to tie correctly. But the wrap comes with a great instruction book and a dvd.

Once the wrap is on, you can leave it on most of the day and just pop baby in and out. First time I popped Ella in she wasnt high enough, you must make sure you can kiss your babies forehead so they are not in a position to restrict their breathing. But after trying the wrap again and tying tighter it was perfect.

She snuggled down and I was able to carry on with everything I needed to do, as the weight is evenly distributed between both shoulders it felt very comfy and hardly any weight at all. she is currently only 14lbs and she felt as light as a feather.

After a few minutes of being carried around she fell asleep!! Ahh bliss. It was perfect that if I wanted to (and the weather was better) we could have gone for a lovely walk and not even disturbed her and the worry of pushing a pushchair.

The wrap is suited for babies up to 35lbs so we will have lots of use out of it yet, especially in the summer. I do wish I tried the wrap right from the minute she was born as I can imagine its amazing still carrying your new baby next to you like a fourth trimester.

I will post some more photos when we are out and about.

Have you tried baby wearing? Would love to hear from you.


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